Calender component for FlashCS4

While working on a Flash IDE project, I came across the missing (or removed) Calender component from FLash IDE. I was needing the same  for a typical UI. After doing a couple of google, I finally decided to write up it by myself. While I could have converted it to a compiled clip or pure component, I decided it makes a lot of sense to keep the code base open and make things in movieclip. While components could be good, but they unnecessarily increase the complexity of code and reduce the fun of it. Hope this helps someone out there.

Its a movieclip,which can be completely customised as there is absolute indepency of the code to the UI. A designer can open up the movieclip and change as per his/her liking. To use it, just drag it to the appropriate place as one drags movieclips to stage. The code along with the FLA is hosted at google code here.

While this is very first, quick and easy solution but it makes a lot of sense just to start using it. There may be bugs and rough codes available here and there which could be fixed. I would appreciate if you can point out the bugs, so that once I find time will start fixing them.



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