HR manager from developer’s point

Looking at the job market and the way companies are hiring,it seems that the post of an HR manager in an IT company is just the dream job. While it may be for some, the majority of the HR feel the stress all the time. Like in all the fields of work,if you try to be political and have a goody relationship with the development manager,then may be /just may be you are in a safer side(“may be” because you never can believe a person who is playing games with such a large number of fellow developers/designers/writers and who not). While your job will be smooth in this situation, you are seriously hampering the company’s growth and its bound to be a downfall of the company. Imagine the manupilation you are doing, to be done by everyone else in the company. No one will be doing a job,but playing politics. LOL. Thats typical company,zero efficiency.
Now lets talk about the decent HR ones,who want to do their job the best. They will do their job the best by listening to the requirements of the development manager and getting people. But then the decission is not in their hands. Who, so ever the product manger is always have an upper hand in it. Can dis-regard the HR in any/all the ways he/she wants. Ultimately brining in the people which he/she thinks are the best. HR is just an eye witness and nothing is in his hands. Lets move on next, after keeping these dumbs for a period of time in the company,either the people themselves will leave or the development manager will try to get rid of other developers in the team (reason is obvious,these guys are just good for playing games and good developers always seek for good environment and almost allways stay away from stupid politics).At this point company will say there is an exit interview.LOL. The development manager and the HR will sit with the fellow leaving the company and the poor fellow will be asked about company,his/her work, why leaving,any thing to make the company better.Whats the HELL. Who cares. The developer is already made up the mind and now leaving, so there will be obviously no resonable answer to keep the record. At the same time, the developement manger will throw the words as team-player, lack of communication, not in this industry, LOL. So what the HR can do?!Again a silent observer and nothing else.
Now comes the tough part, HR is being asked as how many people have come inside the company,how many are still there and how many left the company. The “How many” part is fine but when it comes the “Why all this happened”, the matter really gets into the nerves. Now the HR thinks,its time for him/her to leave the company.
The point is as a develoloper,if you think the game played by HR and your development manager as a team,then you are right in most of the cases. But there are cases when HR is not involved in the game,but just a mere prey in the sitution. HR wants,what you want, betterment of the company. He/she is doing the most could be done,but then it all falls back to the dirty players. I have experienced situations where HR managers were asking me to ask questions to the company regarding the situation, they were even sharing the conditions of the company and what these development mangers are trying to do. But when I said I will move on, they were wishing me all the best,advised me to talk it out with HR in the next company at the same time warned me just to see if the players are not teamed up,in that case no point talking to any of them. So when and whom to talk,I think you should be almost in all the situations talk it out with HR.Even if they are teamed up with your immediate manger,it makes them play safe for the next candidate like you. If you want to be sure that these people are not teamed,then I think you can feel it while inside the company.
We are talking about companies which do care about their employees. But companies change when they tend to become big. And at this point if the development manager,thinks he/she is the saviour,then the company will definitely grow big but within no time gain a bad name in the developers world and the downfall is for sure for the company.
When one can sense, that a company is “going down” ? At the very moment,when the development manger not agrees to his/her mistakes and defends allmost everything. When they compare you with another dumb head he/she hired as a developer. When they think what you can do, the shit head next to you(whom they hired) can also do. When all the credits for your “work,thought,ideas,efforts etc.” goes to management or the dumb heads around the company but not you. As a developer, what can I do? Move on. F*#k the company and its management. Talk things out with HR (if they response it positively,fine or else f#*k them,they are just making things worse for themselves).
While in a company,try and make it better. If they think they are the best,to think about it and you are just another dumb head in the company, then be it, think this is just another company and you have a world out there. Move on. Find a place which suits you as a developer. Do not waste time there or anywhere, its your life live it.
I will end with the video of “Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005”

cheers,hope that helps you moving :)


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