Talking it out

Talking with people(who matters you) is a better thing than you think it is,a much more better thing than, just thinking and making your own decissions about them. Once I was having a friend of mine, we worked together. So all the time we used to share our views,disagree on opinions but at the end of the day we knew that we are friends and can call each other any time. For past sometime, she shifted to a new place. And soon after changed the job. The life moved on. We hardly phone each other. Everyone was busy with their own life. After some days,I tried calling over phone and did not recieve any response. First, I thought she might be busy. But then tried calling over and again in a regular interval of days. I never got the call back or answer from the other side. I started thinking that my friend had finally started avoiding me. Well, it felt bad but I never lost the hope. I always think if it has to stop, let be clear about it,so that everyone should be doing their part fairly without any assumptions. So I kept on calling for some days with a regular interval of days. Finally one evening,I got the answer back. And to my surprise we talked for a logn time. And the friend was actually missing me. She used to go to all my blogposts, twitter posts and all the social networking things. But never put up anything anywhere,that she admitted as made a mistake so that I never got updated. She went on saying how all my blogposts help her in her career too.
Suddenly I realised that its my fault to keep on guessing what the other people are going through. If you know someone and want to keep on in the good terms, you sould at no cirmustances put guess into work. Best thing to do is, talk it out. It is not a one day job. Its a habit and you must cultivate it. Being happy is all about making happy. Never loose a friend because of your guessing, talk it out.
Another instance of a person,who used to work in the same office as I was. We even allways took the same office bus to work. But both of us were in different departments. We never talked with each other. After sometime I changed my job and shifted to another place and company. Now after 5 long years, both of us met in a medicine store. Suddenly we started talking. He was saying, he is still with the same copmany but leaving it the very next day for moving on to a better job. I wished him all the best and he wished me well wishes too. We almost talked for one long hour!! We exchanged our email ids and contact details. At the same time, we realised that we even do not know each others names! Obviously we shared that too. The point is you should be having a decent outlook towards people and then the world is yours. Every unknown could be a friend of yours if you want. Start talking and stop judging by behaviours. You can very well be decieved by anyone with their surface. When you talk, you will get to know people and make friends. Well, do not put up any false hood to your talks, else people will know you as a cheap cheat.


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