New kind of offices

After as along as 8+ years of detachment with architectural offices,I got a chance to work with the some experienced architects recently. I must say the transition period was over and now architects and design studios are really focusing on technology. The old tradition of doing it in drawing boards are over now. I know offices were hesitating to work with AutoCAD,now the new ones are counting option of BIM(Building Information Modelling) softwares. If at all sketches are required, these new breeds, never hesitates to sketch it out in whatever paper necessary. These offices really do not work on conventional drawing board model. Rather, once sketches are ready, they go ahead with visual models with the help of CAD. These guys are fresh and young, they strive for innovation. I am quite impressed with the offices they manage. Once inside the office, once can feel the same coziness, as a design studio used to be, but with a lot less papers(almost zero papers, the paperless office is here).
These offices seldom do any approval work,they focus on design and innovation, the govt. paperwork whenever necessary they do it in the same office or outsource to offices which focus on approval drawings for living.
These does not mean, the offices have got less work. On the contrary, these offices have got plenty of design work and that to huge projects. Building industry is really happening now. Well, talking about culture, the offices are so well behaved that people want to stay and work (not mandatory by office,but people stay to learn and innovate by themselves). While the owners of the offices, really know without good office hours and culture there is guarantee in downfall, the offices are always strive for the 9 to 6 kind of hours. I found the same owners doing morning-walk and spending some quality time(1 hour each morning) with fellow architect friends and the same collegues, where they share each others views personally and professionally. This gives these new blood the added advantage to grow faster by helping each other out. While conventionally these kind of professionals used to fight with one another and seldom socialise with each other. Once you get the confidence early in the morning, you are bound to face any kind of problem in the face. And once that happens, growth the certain. So thats about the morning. Now, once the office hour is over, all these morning fellows meet again at late evenings to share the day with each other. This is amazing. Despite of the sheer pressure (rather willing to innovate kind of attitude) of work to innovate and design, these guys really take the time out to get the brain-cells moving. A meet with fellow mates in the morning and in the evening gives the advantage to get any kind of official stuff not entering home and at the same time gives each one the confidence to ask for help to one another. Socializing and professionalism at its best. Who says offices are kind of only political playground. Time has changed and if you are not in, either you will be or you will be gone with your own bookish,stupid rules. And these people are doing it regularly for past 6+ years, and its a habit now for each of them. They are not 1 or 2,its almost more than 10 architects and many more from the same building industry. Who says, it can not be done, its tough to build a culture,its tough to get up early,nonsense are those who just follow the herd,they can never be a part of innovation. Here, they are doing and they are doing the best. A good and healthy life is always a source of new ideas and innovative mind. I am quite impressed with the way these people have developed the ethics into the profession. Keep doing the good work.
If we talk about work, at office these guys strive to adapt new technology, at whatever cost. They really know, how to manage their clients and push the technology into their offices. Well, some of these guys are frequent travelers. One of them I met in a flight. He and one of his office mates were working in the plane on a design. This is amazing. Use the technology,not just follow or talk about it. I found, this guy seldom stay at office, all the time flying some where,but then the office and the work are always in sync. Some of these people are doing Yoga in the morning hours. This is sheer dedication to work. Because directly one is improving his/her efficiency with all these positive habits. Long live, you guys. Simply inspiring. Talking about holidays, these guys do not even entertain their client. This is huge, conventionally holidays are used to client visits and meetings. But these new office are making the statement. Holidays are our personal time and if you want to work,come to office in office days and time.
Well, if you strive to work with an innovative community with a passion to work and adapt newer technologies for good, leave a comment here. The place would be India,Orissa,Bhubaneswar.
Good work guys, keep inspiring and be the change,which you already have been.


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