A free 2D presentation tool from Autodesk : AutoCAD Freestyle

The conventional way of presenting a plan or elevation, which is drafted in AutoCAD is to take a image out of the AutoCAD to Photoshop and start putting in the presentation design as the bitmap editing thing. While this works good as nobody cares about the scale in a presentation drawing,the architect is actually not fully happy as all the hardwork put in the working drawings are gone in a pure bitmap based software. There is always a urge to make a presentation drawing out of the working drawing without loosing its character,scale and yet make an impress. And one more thing as architect always wants is the presentation drawing should look alike a hand drawn presentation drawing as it makes a great impression.
The wait is over and Autodesk has released a free 2D presentation tool in the name of AutoCAD Freestyle.

The tool is straight forward and free. One can take the DWG files directly out of AutoCAD to Freestyle and start putting in the details. Freestyle comes with a lot of library items in terms of interior furnitures, landscape components, trees and a whole lot to impress the client with the presentation drawing. The library contains components for Plans as well as Elevations. Then there are features such as filling up a closed area with colors.
Overall the tool is a nice addition to the tool box of an architect. The working drawings can be safe and intact in AutoCAD and the presentation is taken care of by Freestyle.


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