Maths is fun :)

Well,after a long time, I got to work on a really creative project. Where all is needed is to visualise, it brought me back to flash world. And its not flash only, its Mathematics along side it. So the creative coding is just beginning inside me. I am kind of inclined a lot now to catchup the high school mathematics and trigonometry :) Its back to school time for me.

Download the source and final SWF from here.

The code is done purely inside FlashDevelop and compiled in the opensource FlexSDK. Now that maths is doing the trick here,I am not caring here for the performance of flash player or FPS. This is all about the visualisation I care for (as the project requirement).

Now I am looking forward to a lot of good people out there doing the creative coding and most beautiful code they have created to make the outcome beautiful as well. There are a whole lot of frameworks starting from “c” to “java” to “flash” but the heart here is Mathematics.

Coding is fun :) always.


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