iphone OS 4 and SDK 4.0 are announced

Apple has announced the new version of iphone OS and the new SDK, the version 4.0. From an user and an cocoa developers point of view the OS has got some huge improvements from its previous versions.

The most notable feature for me is Multi-Tasking. This new OS and SDK now supports multi-tasking. While from the event videos it seems as, just a sleek way to move between different applications, the docs say, its multi tasking. I think one need to wait and see(or may be once I dive into the code) whether its the real multi tasking, or the old way of saving the closed applications state in the iphone itself and bringing it back upon clicking its icon. Where a developer needs to make the effort to save the state of a closing application, and make the effort again to get the data, and render the same state of the application,when one opens the closed application again. For there is no task manager as I can see it, so no way to see how many applications are running and how much power each of these open applications are consuming individually. Or may be I am wrong here, for I have not really seen the code reference yet, neither I have installed the new SDK to see the new iphone simulator to see exactly, whether there is a task manger!! Except that, I am not sure, whether one can force close an open application,which is currently not active?

Next thing which excites me is GameKit APIs, which works with Apple’s Game Center, the new social gaming network. There is an option to create folders too. One can make folders and put similar/liking applications in it.

Well, then the excited part as a developer is there are 1500 new APIs.

Here is “Whats new?” link for the complete list.


One thought on “iphone OS 4 and SDK 4.0 are announced

  1. But the most disappointed fact is: Apple has banned 3rd party cross-compilers, like Adobe Flash CS5 to develop in SDK 4.0. For the very first time, I hated Apple.

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