Moving ahead with design in Linux

Well, this is in continuation with my previous post,where we discovered all the cool stuffs Linux has to offer for a designer. Now lets take that a little further. I mean, suppose there is a program in Windows, you can not live without!! Here, a nice free utility from SUN (now Oracle) called VirtualBox come handy.Let me show you how it looks to run Windows7 64bit, inside Ubuntu 64 bit on an AMD Athlon machine.

I have my 64 bit Ubuntu 9.01 installed in a AMD Athlon machine. Took a copy of VirtualBox and installed it (Believe me, installation of softwares inside Ubuntu Linux is just one click and thats it ). Ones done with VirtualBox instlled, take an installation DVD of Windows 7. Though you need a little courage(to clean up your mind) to install Windows inside VirtualBox, for anything wrong here does not do anything at all to your machine :) . Go ahead try any option, the options are self explanatory, to install a new operating system inside VirtualBox. While installing Windows7, the process is as simple as installing Windows in a fresh machine.So no hassles. Once done, you have a complete Windows machine running inside Ubuntu. And thats not all. I have even tried installing Silverlight 4 inside the installed Windows and it installed itself without any complain :) At that point of time,I realised that now one can do almost anything inside this virtual Windows machine ,whatever is possible in a fresh new Windows machine. So I went ahead and installed a copy of Photoshop inside windows,which is inside Ubuntu. And it installed itself smoothly. Next,I have tried to put AIR inside it and that also run smooth along with flashplayer 10.

Now one can forget Ubuntu all together and work on Windows completely. Once done you can comeback to Ubuntu. Here also a nice thing called virtual desktop on Ubuntu will help you, if you want a desktop completely covered by Virtual Windows and another desktop displaying native Ubuntu.

All in all, the point is if you want to run on free and opensource operating system, Ubuntu Linux is a good option.


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