Development update for AIR RC from Beta2

This is exciting that recently Adobe has released an update to its AIR runtime and SDK. AIR has gone from BETA2 to RC. That means as a developer we need some update to out original BETA2 applications. Fortunately the change is not much.

Setting up the environment for development is the same as setting up for Beta 2 applications. I mean, just get the RC SDK and overwrite the FlexSDK.

Setting up the runtime is straight forward as to install the new runtime. There is no need to un-install the beta 2 runtime. The new runtime just overwrites the old one. If you have not yet installed the Beta2 runtime, then do not worry, just install the RC runtime.

Lastly,but most importantly we need to update the application descriptor file for AIR applications. Previously for BETA2 apps the descsriptor was as below,

<application xmlns=”″&gt;

Now, for the RC applications, this needs to be updated as

<application xmlns=”″&gt;

Thats all to migrate your application from AIR Beta2 to AIR RC.

Happy Flashing :)


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