Google IO 2010, can not believe the announcements !!

After the first day of GoogleIO keynote, I heardly thought, there is anything coming on day 2. Well, to my surprise day 2 on Google IO 2010 had more surprises and announcements and excitements. I am putting down what I thought I got from the conference online. Except from “HTC Evo: ;) which was given away in the conference.
Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Dalvik VM and a JIT compiler
cloud to device API
portable hotspot
webApps (wow,awesome demo of webapps)
fastest web browser on Froyo
accessing speach,camera,geolocation,accelerometer and everything from a browser (API)
Voice search,call, translate (from voice command)
camera from the browser
Loud and Clear “It turns out in internet people use Flash”
FlashPlayer 10.1 and AIR for Android announced
Speacial thanks to Adobe
NFS(Need For Speed) running on Android (from SDCard)
Update All Button (updates all applications at once, not one by one)
Report bugs to Developer directly from crashing of an app on Android (can see bug base with full trace)
Accessing Android market place from desktop browser
Downloading an Application from Android MArketplace through Desktop Browser, directly downloads to the device not the desktop(the browser I am accessing from)
similar download songs through browser directly to device
advertising to a new level
HTC EVO give away free :)
Google TV announcement
So the fun has just begun. This year is going to be a hell lot of technological innovation.

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