Utility to Compile/Publish FLA files

This is a little utility made with AIR2.0 and compiled to EXE to take advantage of the new features of the AIR API as opening with default application. What it does is, searches for the files of a type in a folder( there may be folders inside a folder) . Its currently at its beginning stage and I hope I will add up features to it or may be clean up code.

Apart from searching files in a folder, if you want to search for FLA files in a folder, the utility creates a JSFL file with generating code inside the JSFL as to publish the individual FLAs. If the number of files are more(say 500) and you want to publish files in sets(say 50 files in a set), the utility allows you to specify number of files in a set and creates appropriate number of JSFL files(500/50=10 files, in this case). Now one has an option of publishing the set as per requirement. It asks, which set one need to publish and once given the option, it starts publishing the FLA in a headless publishing mode.

Now one has an option to publish whole of the FLAs in one go or batches as per requirement.

This utility requires AIR 2.0 and Flash CS5 to publish the FLAs in a headless way.

Happy Flashing :)


8 thoughts on “Utility to Compile/Publish FLA files

  1. Hi Mike,
    thank you so much for the kind words. Mac version?well, let me try to build a mac version in my PC and see if I can. :)
    Opensourcing, yes.I will opensource it.Let me clean my dirty code first ;)

  2. Well, making a native application installer requires a Native OS. I mean if we want to make an EXE we have to package it in Windows and same goes for MAC, to make a DMG, Mac is required. So I think Mac version is not possible here at my end. Would love to see if anyone can help me with that.
    In that case, I am not holding down the code here for any longer. This is in favor of getting a Mac version as soon as possible, cleaning code and organising will happen latter.

    The sourcecode is available in Google Code SVN repository.

    Happy Flashing.

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