FLA compilation/publishing utility version 2

Well, this is just to make a little update to the utility I have made earlier for publishing the FLAs. The old utility code I never liked as a project, so ended up re-writting it again from ground up. Since the AIR SDK final verison is out, I have to compile it against the new SDK too.

The windows version of the utility is available here.

The new code is now taking advantage of Robotlegs framework and De MonsterDebugger. So if, you want to make your own utility on it, make sure you have the libraries.

One thing for sure is, I liked Robotlegs framework. After my earlier experience with other frameworks, I loved MATE the most (At that time Robotlegs was not born :) ) and the next thing is Robotlegs. Not only the framework is swift, but the community behind it is vibrant and the docs are just to the point. Good work guys.

Happy Flashing :)


9 thoughts on “FLA compilation/publishing utility version 2

  1. great util!

    I can’t use it, however. Really wish I could… but our project uses .xfl files. Your script does find these files, however the create JSFL of buttons does not do anything.

    If you do decide to change this, please also ignoring version control folders like .svn and .git, and any files starting with ._ from mac’s.


    great work.

  2. Just a couple more suggestions for this app:

    * Allow command line execution for quick BAT file publishing
    * Use the more detailed file browsing to location
    * Add a folder path textField, editable
    * Remember the last folder path
    * Change the extension textField to a dropDown with two options; fla and xfl
    * Save to location for the created .jsfl files.

  3. hey Steven Stark,
    thanks a lot for the constructive feedbacks. Those means a lot to me. Will, try and put it down, if possible at my time frame. I was having a link at github, but once I removed everything from Github, that took away the source for this too. I will search for the source of this and put that up again there, if I found them in my hard disk.
    Will put a link here. I will love to incorporate your points, but do not want to keep it to myself, as opening up the source will get people like you involved in it and start doing your implementation.

    Thanks again for your kind words and feedbacks.

  4. Ohh! Good. I found the sources and everything is up, on Google code.
    The direct link is saumya-batch-publisher.
    Hope to see some cool new stuffs around it.

    Never thought it would be so helpful, so was taking things for granted! Glad to see people have started using it. And feedbacks of any kind is a motivation.

    I think, will look back to the points mentioned by Steven Stark, if I can implement them in time.

    Thanks a lot for the kind inputs.

  5. Thank you for the source link! :)

    Since my comments I have discovered the ‘project’ panel in CS5. The Project configs are saved in the SVN, allowing the team to share the setup here. You can then check the files you’d like to publish, and Flash will silently publish all and stop on errors. There is no ‘cancel’ option here.

    Your tool would be advantageous over the project panel if we could run it from a BAT file. I could tell the BAT to ask to compile the various sections of the project and then also ask to compile the flex after with compc, and finally copy all my files to the local testing server directory.

  6. Hi saumya, I just want to ask you a question about the interface.
    Why are the controls(buttons, dropdown, scrolbar) on the application very different with the controls in Flash.
    I want to put these UI in my app. Thanks :)

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