FlexUnit4 mindmap

As of my first experience with Unit testing and Unit testing frameworks, I have been exposed to FlexUnit. The version I am using here is Flexunit4 and as a new comer for me everything is new. But FlexUnit 4 itself is a major version it seems. There are a lot of new additions to the framework. The best part is, it is now meta data driven as compared to previous inheritance concept. So basically one need to add metadata on top of the method names instead of making the testclass extend from some framework classes. Well, as a Robotlegs user, it certainly makes sense for me. And for anyone out there, if you understand how difficult it is to re-work on the classes which are tightly coupled to a framework, can certainly understand how flexible it is to work with just metadata.

Next thing is how to display my thought on FlexUnit to anyone? I got introduced by my current company to a Mindmapping software named XMind. Again an awesome software for its ppurpose. Quickly I put my thoughts on it and here is the result.

If anyone can fixup the mindmap for better explanation, I am putting the source here.

Happy Flashing


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