Back from Adobe Flash Platform Summit

The meet is over and I must say, for me, it was a nice experience. It was the virtual media, the internet which allowed me to connect with so many people in past years. All the time I was thinking of meeting them in person and this meet allowed me to do that. Met with almost everyone I thought I will meet. But then missed some too.
Its the nexus, I was looking forward to and good that I made it.
The community is really vibrant and got inspired by a lot of nice talks.
Alvin (@zhangyb) delivered a talk on BCI ( Brain-Computer Interface ) with the demonstrations, on one of the demo, he changed the colour of an application with his thought.
Mrinal (@mrinal) was excellent with his explanations on the pixels, matrix and how they work on flash world. His demo comprised of effects like “genie effect” on Mac.
Arul (@_Arul) announced and demoed his new opensource framework, which will be available around next week.

Apart from the talks in the auditoriums, the most critical and influential talks happen outside and in very informal way. Glad to meet the never met before Vipin (ohh! people know him as @flashchemist :) ), Mark (@markadoherty), Arul (@_Arul), Mrinal (@mrinal), Abdul (@abdulqabiz), Mariam (@mariamdh), Hu Shunjie (@shinchi), Alvin Zhang (@zhangyb) and a lot many cool ones. Felt bad as I missed some too :( . For me it was the connection and glad that I made it to the meet.
One thing for sure, my avtar needs an update :) I have to go to people and an introduce myself as Saumya :), I think for the same reason a lot might have missed me too, sorry for that to all and specifically to Saurabh Mathur(@sawrb).
Overall, it was a good meet for me to get connected. If you think about sessions only, then think again, most exciting things happens outside of it. And the best part is all the cool ones are most social ones too. One can reach out to anyone and start discussing at anypoint. Good to have a community like this.

Happy Flashing :)


2 thoughts on “Back from Adobe Flash Platform Summit

  1. Hey Abdul,
    Its the same feeling here. And hoping the same, to catch up in some events.
    Looking forward to what the next event be :)

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