In praise of WordPress

This came to me lately, but glad that I realised it. This is all about and its service. I have never worried about server maintainance, plugin upgradation management or check to see if my blog is online or the server is down. From the day I have started putting in content here, it complete  peace of mind at no cost. I have not remembered when my blog was down.
Thank you WordPress for making content production such a fun and nice. The core engine is always updated and the plugins are always added and updated. This is just brilliant.
Never knew WordPress has got an Android app too, and I am doing my first post from the same application. It’s nice and as productive as WordPress itself.
Before its too late, thank you again WordPress and keep the good work going.


2 thoughts on “In praise of WordPress

    1. Hey Saurabh, good to see you here!
      This thing came to my mind suddenly, when I was thinking of all the good things that are free. And felt bad that I never appreciated it. :) Better late than never, I made it and glad that you are with me.

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