Steps for pushing an app to iPhone appstore

1. First of all there are some one time certificates install. These certificates are named as development certificate and distribution certificate. Use iOS provisioning portal, go to certificates and then Generate development certificate. The same process is for creating a distribution certificate. This will need to use “keychain” app, which is stored in utilities inside application folder. Once created the certificates through keychain, one need to upload it through provisioning portal. In provisioning portal the development and distribution tab will have options to upload them to the portal. Once uploaded, the tabs will process and provide options to download the development and deployment certificates.

2. Open these 2 (developer and distribution) certificates through key-chain. Now inside keychain application these two keys should be visible.

3. Create provisioning profile. This is also possible through portal. The confusion is, the first certificates and installing to keychain application install will happen only once. But the provisioning profiles will keep on adding to the profiles, as each profile may be targeted to one version of one application. To add to the confusion there are 2 types of provisioning profiles available. One is development and one is distribution. Inside distribution, we have option of adhoc and appstore. So to push your app to appstore, one must use the appstore option while creating the profile. If you are intended to test the app in other iOS devices, then create the certificate using ad-hoc as the selected option. This will allow to install the application into other devices. Well, all these were happening in the distribution tab. Now if we talk about the development tab, the new profile creation will help one test and debug the application in a connected device to a mac. So all in all there are 3 kinds of profiles available for 3 different uses.

4. Next, one has to download the profile and install in XCode.

5. Once installed you can see all the profiles, developer profiles and provisioning profiles in the “Organiser” application. This will give you details regarding the profile activation and expiration dates too.

Thats it, bundle your application and push it to the store / other devices / connected device as per the application provision profile you use / intend.

Appart from all these certificate creation, you need to follow some online instructions to do some stuffs as get a png/jpg file of certain size, name these images and put them on server.

Thats the bare minimum about the appstore and sending your app to it.

Hope that helps someone out there.


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