Thats 10 years here!

Wow! Never knew, it will come this long.



Exciting news from google, must watch it to believe.

My first experience of making opensource game and iPhone appstore

It all started, when I dove into the iphone development, almost a year back. As of my curious self, I started to dove into it more and more. It is all fun. Then came the time to see the approval process, it was the scary part of the whole development cycle for me. The steps were quite defined, but for a novice like me, it was just too intimidating. The motivation came, when one of my friends’ game, which was made in FlashIDE, got approved in 10 days.

I set myself up for some real iphone game development and finished up 2 opensource games, MathIsFun2 and CatchThemAll . Must say making opensource games is fun, exciting and gives one a lot of satisfaction. Even one fail to make an impression of idea or implementation, its never too late, and the community always helps you and pushes you forward. Then there is responsibility upon the self to finish things up with the same amount of enthusiasm as when you started the project. A lot of times it will feel to just leave it, but then it teaches one to be focused, motivated and keep on going till the end. Not an easy task but once put into practice, there is no more satisfaction than giving back to community.

A little about the games. MathIsFun, is a game where the game play takes the device orientation into account. Rotating the device, gives the player to play a different mode or state of the game. There are 4 types of questions ( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ) Each side of the device is a different mode. And the user has to choose from the three options displayed on screen. the second game is about multi-touch. There are different colours on the screen and one has to choose, which colour is displayed for the maximum time currently on the screen. Since there are only five colours to choose from, one can choose with a single touch for one type of colour, a two finger touch for another and a three finger touch for another and it goes till five finger touch. While I myself is quite excited about the games, the community itself is also helping me out in the process.

The approval process has got its own story. I am not having an appstore license yet. One of my friends’ helped me by taking the first game (MathIsFun2) and pushing it to the appstore. Now, after sending it for more than 25 days (almost a month) and waiting till date, the game is in the cue !! Thats such a long time ! I am not sure what and how to fix, if there are errors in my code or something else.  Anyway, this is just to make things in perspective for others, who might be preparing their apps for the store.

Hope that helps someone and wishing you all the best for your application approval on Apple’s Appstore.

In praise of WordPress

This came to me lately, but glad that I realised it. This is all about and its service. I have never worried about server maintainance, plugin upgradation management or check to see if my blog is online or the server is down. From the day I have started putting in content here, it complete  peace of mind at no cost. I have not remembered when my blog was down.
Thank you WordPress for making content production such a fun and nice. The core engine is always updated and the plugins are always added and updated. This is just brilliant.
Never knew WordPress has got an Android app too, and I am doing my first post from the same application. It’s nice and as productive as WordPress itself.
Before its too late, thank you again WordPress and keep the good work going.

Version control with Flashdevelop

This is probably the most awaited release of FlashDevelop. Now that completes a perfect IDE. The new version of FlashDevelop IDE has built in support for SVN and GIT both. Provided you have to have tortoise SVN and tortoise GIT in your machine. For SVN part, the IDE installer has made it available too by bundling SilkSVN with it. So installing tortoise SVN is just seems to be optional. Thats some kickass IDE feature. I have just tested it with SVN and GIT both and they work out of the box.

These version control systems are not activated by default. You have to go inside settings and activate them. Or else they do not seem to exist in the IDE.
Another nice integration is the option to select whether to install Flex SDK with the FlashDevelop. This is being asked when you install the IDE. That means, if you do not want to take the pain of downloading the FlexSDK separately it will do it for you.

Thats all for the time being, I am so excited and happy that finally this beautiful IDE added up the things which now makes it a perfect tool for flash a developer.

Happy Flashing :)

Google IO 2010, can not believe the announcements !!

After the first day of GoogleIO keynote, I heardly thought, there is anything coming on day 2. Well, to my surprise day 2 on Google IO 2010 had more surprises and announcements and excitements. I am putting down what I thought I got from the conference online. Except from “HTC Evo: ;) which was given away in the conference.
Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Dalvik VM and a JIT compiler
cloud to device API
portable hotspot
webApps (wow,awesome demo of webapps)
fastest web browser on Froyo
accessing speach,camera,geolocation,accelerometer and everything from a browser (API)
Voice search,call, translate (from voice command)
camera from the browser
Loud and Clear “It turns out in internet people use Flash”
FlashPlayer 10.1 and AIR for Android announced
Speacial thanks to Adobe
NFS(Need For Speed) running on Android (from SDCard)
Update All Button (updates all applications at once, not one by one)
Report bugs to Developer directly from crashing of an app on Android (can see bug base with full trace)
Accessing Android market place from desktop browser
Downloading an Application from Android MArketplace through Desktop Browser, directly downloads to the device not the desktop(the browser I am accessing from)
similar download songs through browser directly to device
advertising to a new level
HTC EVO give away free :)
Google TV announcement
So the fun has just begun. This year is going to be a hell lot of technological innovation.