IPhone game framework for Flash developers!

Let me face it. The syntaxes of ObjectiveC is very different from any other language out there. At first it is not at all readable. No. Not even a single sentace. It took me sometime to get used to it. I said get used to it, not even get going in it :) Now, the point is, once you are a little comfortable in knowing it, it even scares with pointers and memory management. Lets put that aside. Knowing a different language and how it works always helps. As a flash developer, I was wondering how to apply my skills in this language. And fortunately there are some very nice frameworks out there which can feel just right for it.

Sparrow. Yeah, its an opensource, free game framework for iphone. Finally a framework which is made for people, who have come across actionscript. I have recently completed a simple game ( as you know, flash developers start with it :) ) and can only say that it does what it says. Forget about all the difficulties of objectiveC stuff and think about your game. So, familiar things, like Sprite, MovieClip, addchild, addEventlistener, bubbling etc are all there. Its so simple that the documentation is just one page. And there is a quite nice community arround it. I must say, a very nicely done framework for actionscript developers. All the best to the Sparrow team for the effort.

Happy Flashing :)


5 thoughts on “IPhone game framework for Flash developers!

  1. Well, you can start with learning C first, it’s a really interesting language, without all the complications of OOP. Gets you accustomed to pointers and memory.

    I think learning C [and by extension C++] is a worthwhile learning investment, after all, so much code is being written in C++.

  2. to get started 99$ developer certificate for iphone development is a not the best starting point for beginners (atleast apple should have given a dummy certificate for beginners). Many of these frameworks titanium, phonegap require you to have xcode to convert/package the .ipa. Does sparrow require the same? Currently adobes iphone packager (on adobe labs earlier shipped with flash cs5 professional) is the only one out there (afaik) that can package without a need for a mac/ xcode(being a windows user for iphone dev) .

    1. hey Arun,
      I completely agree with you on getting started with a $99 thing. But that is required, if you want to push your application to AppStore. For learning its free. But then, you need a MAC which again is a costly affair.
      And yes, iphone packager from Adobe is the only solution out there to package an iphone app on Windows only system. Good work by Adobe and Apple must see the potential of it being developed by everyone else for its platform.
      Well dear, Sparrow requires a Mac and Xcode too.

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