Version control with Flashdevelop

This is probably the most awaited release of FlashDevelop. Now that completes a perfect IDE. The new version of FlashDevelop IDE has built in support for SVN and GIT both. Provided you have to have tortoise SVN and tortoise GIT in your machine. For SVN part, the IDE installer has made it available too by bundling SilkSVN with it. So installing tortoise SVN is just seems to be optional. Thats some kickass IDE feature. I have just tested it with SVN and GIT both and they work out of the box.

These version control systems are not activated by default. You have to go inside settings and activate them. Or else they do not seem to exist in the IDE.
Another nice integration is the option to select whether to install Flex SDK with the FlashDevelop. This is being asked when you install the IDE. That means, if you do not want to take the pain of downloading the FlexSDK separately it will do it for you.

Thats all for the time being, I am so excited and happy that finally this beautiful IDE added up the things which now makes it a perfect tool for flash a developer.

Happy Flashing :)


5 thoughts on “Version control with Flashdevelop

  1. Sorry but I don’t understand the difference. Before you could use Right click -> Shell menu… to open the tortoiseSVN options. Isn’t this almost the same?

    The big change is that you can now see the the svn file states that can be seen in the icons but I find them very distracting and you can always open the file explorer with the right click menu.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  2. Oh this is much more than the shell menu:
    rename/move/delete/add file operations are directly applied from project tree.

    1. I just tried it and you’re right, simple right click renaming now calls svn rename. This is great!

      I was always worried about now messing up the svn, now I can live in peace.

      Thanks for the help Philippe!

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